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July 30th 2011 as the Big Fruity Picnic - Easthampton, MA
Flaming Dragons Of Middle Earth, MV+EE, Prisma, The Happy Jawbone Family Band, Egg Eggs, Herbcraft, Blanche Blanche Blanche, Aswara

October 31st 2010 at Flywheel Arts Collective - Easthampton, MA
Exusamwa, Shea Mowat, AM Frank, Greg Kelley/Ryan Jewell/Chris Cooper/Vic Rawlings, Peace Loving, Moshimoshiiamthedecider, Les Rallizes Dudes

December 12th and 13th 2009 at Grey Matter Books - Hadley, MA
Visitaions, AM Frank, The Body, Liz Tonne/Greg Kelley/Vic Rawlings, Tarp, Ambergris, Prince Rama of Ayodhya, Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth, Cave Bears

August 15th 2009 at the park, John Doe Jr. and The People's Pint - Greenfield, MA
MV + EE, Bunny Brains, Crystalline Roses, Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth, Bryan Gillig, Sord, White Crime, Zebu!, Cave Bears w/ Danny Cruz

February 14th 2009 at the Purple House - Northampton, MA
Mudboy, Crank Sturgeon, Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth, Open Star Clusters, Ambergris, Skinny Vinny, D'Ag Attack, Cave Bears

November 1st 2008 - Turners Falls, MA
Grey Skull, Mystic Out-Bop Review, Bromp Treb, Schurt Kwitters, Dark Inside the Sun, Jow Jow the Death Knell Rung, Heat Wilson, Moscow Mule, Servitor, QFWFQ, Loren Hamlan, Nam Buddies, World Marijuana and Girlfriend

July 26th 2008 - the Bear Cave in Leverett, MA
Moscow Mule, Gastric Lavage, Sam Gas Can, D.B. Russell, Belltone Suicide, No Sound, Greg & Ted, Dingy Crumbs, Grex, Smiles Bitch, Hotel California, Iron Gentleman, Cave Bears//Milky Death

May 10th 2008 - the Bear Cave in Leverett, MA
Ducktails, Id M. Theftable, Tumble Cat Poof Poofy Poof, Barn Owl, Peter Bonos, No Sound, ZEBU!, Mind Control, Greg & Ted's Satisfaction Factory, Dingy Crumbs, Slush Rakes, Extreme Beer Trio, Cave Bears