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Deep Thoughts JP
One Kind Favor - Vinyl Records
Flywheel    Feeding Tube Records
Cassette Gods     happy'n'in'valley
Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth
TRD W/d    Time-Lag Records   Yod
Rabbit Run Down The Hole Of A Skull
The True Vine    Weirdo Records
Montague Phantom Brain Exchange
Matthew Thurber      Zona de Video
Id M Theft Able, Strange Maine, Mang
Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Baer
osr tapes - bbb       BunnyBrains
John Doe, Jr.      Mystery Train Records
The Happy Jawbone Family Band
Son Of Salami     Big Blood & Friends
Guerilla Toss / Anonymous Dog
yeay! tapes     Kid Romancez