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Ever since 1,000 years ago We have fed ground up cops dead bodies into a feeding tube and fed them to you through our music. You ate a cops dead bodies and killed the president and crashed planes into 9/11 hahahahahh world trade center. Many people love Cave Bears.

People have said about the singing frog band, Cave Bears, "die frog and creator." And, "I LOVE THIS FROG" and "This thing is tight and funny" and "the best on this site yet!!!" Cave Bears is beloved by no body. But, we have continued for 1,000 years until you now have over 100,000,000 releases on all labels in the world to listen to in your home until you are dead. You are dead now, so wake up!!!!!! GO to the bank you have to get coffee.

You have to make coffee at your job working at 7/11. you put on cave bears to get everyone to leave the room. When you leave this world, you will find us waiting for you with stupid punk rock band record to listen to. So dont wait, leave the world now. Leave the world forever and die. Kill kill kill dead dead dead dead die die die listen to NO MSUIC you aer LOSER. I am hacking your computer right now!!!!!!!!!!!

Cave bears is a terrible band because we smash all of our recrds. If you buy our record , you will not have any music, just a smashed up pieces of a record inside of a box. We try to replicate this sound live by not showing up, or by killing you by punching you in the face until you are dead. So, fuck off, I will kill you. Buy are record and it will make oyu die, TODAY.

i love this thing! he's so cool! his voice and everything that little thing rocks! all the ppl who say he sucks and stuff. ur just jealous so fu. he's the hot shit. its so cool! its voice and everything lol its funky This frog is sooo adorable. I love him! his voice and everthing. Loved by all who have seen it and now for the rest of the world.

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Complete List of Collectable Performances (235)

6/20/16 Deep Thoughts JP, Jamaica Plain, MA w/ Suckdog, Request Freebird, Alaina Stamatis

11/5/15 Hassle Fest, Boston, MA

10/31/15 Babycastles, New York, NY w/ The Coincidental Hour, Ogg Myst, The Creepers, Shcult

12/20/14 Deep Thoughts JP, Jamaica Plain, MA w/ Cult of Riggonia, Tellavision

3/25/14 (864) Mys-tery, Allston, MA w/ Enchanted, Dog, Mohammad Ollie

3/8/14 Parlour, Providence, RI w/ Gezan, Minibeast, Baylies Band, Viennagram

1/31/14 Cambridge Elks Lodge w/ Guerilla Toss, Skimask & Ryan Power

1/11/14 Whitehaus w/ Fake DJs & Fake Bands

12/13/13 Deep Thoughts JP w/ Video Nasties, Skimask, Goat of Arms and Rotten Apples

11/25/13 Cheap Meet @ Cambridge YMCA

10/4/13 Cambridge Elks Lodge, Cambridge, MA @ New England Underground Music Fest w/ Ryan Power, Neptune,
Keith Fullerton Whitman, Bang!Bros, Quilt, Homeworld, Happy Jawbone Family Band, Alec K. Redfearn, Steamrollers,
Horse Spirit Penetrates, Bromp Treb, Home Comfort, Guerilla Toss, Pile, Matt Krefting and many more?

9/14/13 Smokey Bear Cave, Allston, MA w/ Crank Sturgeon, Hot Date, Cult & Leper

7/26/13 Deep Thoughts, Jamaica Plain, MA w/ Solace Media Corp., Grasshopper, Simon Says Smut, Rob Crean, Ryan Douglass,
Guitler Raphael, Darik Santos, Angela Sawyer, Ethan Marsh and more...

6/18/13 Discovery Zone, Allston, MA w/ Tiger Hatchery, Tsons of Tsunami, Don Gero

5/19/13 Discovery Zone, Allston, MA w/ Curved Dog, Killer Krill, Ronnie Nordac and Witch Wolf

4/27/13 Raw Meet 10 - Boston, MA

4/6/13 INC Boston w/ Laundry Room Squelchers, et al.

3/23/13 Smokey Bear Cave w/ Hurricanes of Love, SmartFoam, Enforcer, KSW

3/20/13 Raw Meet - Cheap Seats edition aftershow

3/20/13 Cheap Seats @ Cambridge YMCA

3/5/13 Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain w/ Rotten Apples, Cowboy Band, Designer, Ronnie Nordac

2/20/13 Smokey Bear Cave, Boston, MA w/ Quicksails, Bastian Void, Eat Cloud, LSDV

1/19/13 Bohemian Grove, Brooklyn, NY - Weirdwick Twu

1/14/13 109 Gallery, Brookyln, NY w/ Hurricanes of Love, Joey Molinaro, Josh Milrod

12/12/12 NEC, Boston, MA - Pete from Guerilla Toss' senior recital w/Skimask and G.Toss

12/2/12 House of Achilles, Burlington, VT w/ Son of Salami...

12/1/12 King St. Manor, Northampton, MA w/ Son of Salami, Ambergris, Hurricanes of Love

11/30/12 Smokey Bear Cave, Boston, MA w/ Son of Salami, Ambergris, Gangsta Love, Combman

11/29/12 95 Empire, Providence RI w/ Son of Salami, Ambergris, Lance Romance

11/28/12 House Show, Brattleboro w/ Son of Salami, Ambergris, Luke from Happy Jawbone, Pete from Great Valley

11/27/12 3 Wave Jump, Allston, MA w/ Forced Into Femininity, Ryan Really

11/25/12 Coincidental Hour @ 95 Empire, Providence, RI

11/14/12 Funky Jungle, Providence, RI w/ Epistasis, Joey Molinaro, Princess Sweatpants

10/10/12 P.R. Matrix Hex, Providence, RI w/ Lantern, 973 Future Yook, Virusse

10/8/12 SUNY Purchase with Guerilla Toss & Fat History Month

10/7/12 Philadelphia, PA - Dreamcastle w/ Mike Bruno & Where Are They Now with Guerilla Toss & Fat History Month

10/6/12 Athens, OH - Casa Nueva with Guerilla Toss & Fat History Month

10/5/12 Chicago, IL - Situations w/ Moonrises & Cool Memories with Guerilla Toss & Fat History Month

10/4/12 Iowa City, IA - The Mill w/ We Shave with Guerilla Toss & Fat History Month

10/3/12 St. Louis - Blank Space w/ The Conformists & Spelling Bee with Guerilla Toss & Fat History Month

10/2/12 Carbondale, IL - Skihouse w/ Doctor Responsible with Guerilla Toss & Fat History Month

10/1/12 Nashville, TN - The Doll House w/ Tron Ate My Baby with Guerilla Toss & Fat History Month

9/30/12 Nashville, TN - Tower Two w/ Dad Cum with Guerilla Toss & Fat History Month

9/29/12 Louisville, KY - Cropped Out 2012 w/ R. Stevie Moore, Neil Hamburger & Lil B.

9/27/12 Pittsburgh, PA - The Vatican't with Guerilla Toss & Fat History Month

9/26/12 Bard College - SMOG w/ The Sediment Club, Ratking with Guerilla Toss & Fat History Month

9/25/12 Brooklyn, NY - Death By Audio w/ The Dreebs & Mr. Transylvania with Guerilla Toss & Fat History Month

9/13/12 Gay Gardens, Allston, MA w/ Comedy Ha Ha show, Cult & Leper, Scott Stapp, Smarty, LSDV

8/15/12 Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain, MA w/ mnttaB, Noms & God's New Slaves

8/12/12 Gay Gardens, Allston, MA w/ Tiger Hatchery, Guerilla Toss, Rotten Aplles, Bang Bros

8/4/12 Media Mansion, Noho MA w/Secret Lover, Cruise Whisp, George W. Myers, Left Behinds, The Fribbles, Pleasurezine, Recons

7/21/12 Gay Gardens, Allston, MA w/ Flaming Dragons, Guerilla Toss, Tool Thyme, Brother Terry

7/15/12 Whitehaus, Jamaica Plain, MA w/ MSHR, Rind, Speaker, Hunnie Bunnies, many more

6/22/12 MECA ICA, Portland, ME w/ Village Of Spaces, Common Visions, Video Nasties

6/19/12 Poland St. Portland ME

5/25/12 Video Underground, Jamaica Plain, MA w/ Hunnie Bunnies, Arkm Foam, Tani with Blue Sabbath Black Fiji & Smarty

5/24/12 Turners Falls, MA. Bank of America protest with Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth

5/23/12 Big Snow Buffalo Lodge w/ Opponents, Silent Isle with Blue Sabbath Black Fiji & Smarty

5/21/12 CD Cellar, Washington D.C. with Blue Sabbath Black Fiji & Smarty

5/20/12 Strange Matter, Richmond, VA w/ Flesh Control, Caves Caverns with Blue Sabbath Black Fiji & Smarty

5/18/12 Savage Weekend, Chapel Hill, NC with many bands with Blue Sabbath Black Fiji & Smarty

5/17/12 House Show, Athens, GA w/ Bird Names, Bone Burns with Blue Sabbath Black Fiji & Smarty

5/16/12 Sriracha House, Atlanta, GA w/ Pony Bones, Gashy with Blue Sabbath Black Fiji & Smarty

5/15/12 Broadway's, Asheville, NC w/ Williams (Merryl + Villages) with Blue Sabbath Black Fiji & Smarty

5/14/12 Crayola House, Harrisonburg, VA w/ Big Drum in the Sky Religion with Blue Sabbath Black Fiji & Smarty

5/13/12 Hustler's Mansion, Baltimore, MD w/ Whoarfrost with Blue Sabbath Black Fiji & Smarty

5/12/12 Little Berlin, Philadelphia, PA w/ Dick Neff, Guilt with Blue Sabbath Black Fiji & Smarty

4/22/12 Manhattan Pizza, Burlington, VT with Son of Salami. Hell-Slice.

4/21/12 Raw Meet Fest, Allston, MA with many bands

4/20/12 House Show, Portland, ME w/ Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth, Son of Salami, Ambergris, Old Pam, Correspondences

4/19/12 1 1/2 Chevalier Greenfield, MA w/ Tracey Trance, Son of Salami & Ambergris

4/18/12 Frat Cave, Waltham, MA w/ Tracey Trance & Herbcraft

3/19/12 Whitehaus, Jamaica Plain, MA w/ Form A Log, AM Internet, Crowley+Foam

D.I.Y. Spells "DIE" released on No Basement Is Deep Enough

2/12/12 Gay Gardens, Allston, MA PERFORMERS ONLY

12/31/11 King St. Manor, Northampton, MA w/ indie rock bands. we were Hoarse People. it was life changing

12/10/11 Raw Meet #3 @ The Smokey Bear Cave, Allston, MA w/ Mincemeat or Tenspeed, Lazy Magnet,
Lawrence Welks and Our Bear to Cross, Son of Salami, WW, Preggy Peggy and the Lazy Babymakers, Gay Shapes and more...

12/8/11: Marlboro College, Marlboro, VT w/ The Happy Jawbone Family Band, Ice Cream, The Great Valley

12/6/11: Big Pink, Philadelphia, PA w/ Knight Howls

12/5/11: The Wallet, Brooklyn, NY w/ Knight Howls, Living Things video and a dance performance

12/4/11: Media Mansion, Northampton, MA w/ Knight Howls, Sore Eros, Silent Isle, Sans Soleil

12/3/11: Monkey House, Winooski, VT w/ Knight Howls, Son Of Salami

12/2/11: Poland St. House, Portland, ME w/ Knight Howls, Hurricanes of Love, Lee

10/16/11: HOMEGROWN FESTIVAL III Boston, MA w/ Blues Control, Noise Nomads, Major Stars, Exusamwa, Zebu
Bobb Trimble, Glenn Jones, Grass Widow, Prince Rama, Village Of Spaces, Rotten Apples, White Fence & many many others

9/30/11: Gay Gardens Allston, MA with Loud Objects, Funny Money and Nat Roe

8/21/11: Strange Maine, Portland, ME w/ Garm

8/14/11: WEIRDSTOCK FESTIVAL III Cambridge, MA YMCA Nautical Almanac, Fat Worm of Error, Nat Baldwin, Horaflora, Kurt Weisman, Crank Sturgeon, Gay Shapes, Shea + Skot of Maine, Vic Rawlings + friends, Preggy Peggy and the Lazy Babymakers

8/13/11: Feeding Tube Records as "Steely Dan" w/ Crank Sturgeon, Solace Media Corporation Tourists, Ambergris, Unicorns in the Snow

8/12/11: House Show, Ithaca, NY w/ Ambergris, Michael Troutman/Jarek Miller

8/11/11: Sugar City, Buffalo, NY w/ Gay Shapes

8/10/11: Bela Dubby, Lakewood, OH w/ Gay Shapes, Ambergris

8/9/11: Dreamland Theater, Ypsilanti, MI w/ Poetry Problems Express, Strange Brew, Ambergris, Gay Shapes

8/8/11: Treasure Town, Chicago, IL w/ Ambergris, Moonrises

8/7/11: Skylab, Columbus, OH w/ John Also Bennett, Gay Shapes, Ambergris Songs Of The Eagles / America's Least Wanted released by Egyptian Tea

8/5/11: Tarantula Hill, Baltimore, MD w/ Ambergris, Tuxedo Laughing Gas, Darsombra, Violet Hour

8/4/11: Marvelous Music, Philadelphia, PA w/ Ambergris, Mirror Men

8/3/11: Practice Space, Brooklyn, NY w/ Hex Breaker Quartet, Opponents, Ambergris

7/16/11: Stone Chuch, Brattleboro, VT with Atlatl and others...we played as "Steely Dan"

7/6/11: Dad City, Amherst MA w/ Left Behinds, Vomit Party and Coughing Fit

5/7/11: Lab Experiments 14KT Cabaret w/ Susan Alcorn, Family Underground, Jenny Graf Sheppard, Fat Worm Of Error, Childe Bride (Baltimore, MD)

5/6/11: Pageant Soloveev Hive/Cave art opening (Philadelphia, PA)

5/5/11: Popeye's Garage w/Two Ton Bug, Heretherebemonsters (New Haven, CT)

5/4/11: Smog (Bard College, Annandale-On-Hudson) w/ Fat Worm of Error, Sediment Club, Orie Mars Orie

5/3/11: Port D'Or (Brooklyn, NY) with Id M. Theft Able, Ambergris & Fleshtone Aura

4/30/11: Belfast Free Range Music Festival with Michael Hurley, Big Blood/Village of Spaces, Ancestral Diet, Grass Widow, Asa Irons, CornDawg and many more...(Belfast, ME)

4/29/11: Gay Gardens (Boston, MA) with Preggy Peggy & Fat History Month

4/28/11: The Elevens (Northampton, MA) w/ Ambergris, Dan Cashman / Shea Mowat duo, Jackie Wang

Jump To Your Bed, Escape From Ironic Castle, You Find The Key, No Weird USA, Solar Illnes (v.2), Get Out Of The House (v.2) released by Feeding Tube Records

4/22/11: Flywheel w/ Extreme Animals, Sharkee Katz, Jackie Wang

3/26/11: Feeding Tube Records w/ Slasher Risk and Dead Line Connector

3/19/11: Feeding Tube Records w/ Silk Flowers, Dreamboat and Buick

2/19/11: Meat Gum Northampton, MA w/ Hex Breaker Quartet and Truman Peyote

2/13/11: The Beach Hadley, MA w/ Tiger Hatchery dudes and Noise Nomads

2/5/11: The Frat Cave Waltham, MA w/ Falcon Levitation

2/5/11: Peskeomskut Noisecapades w/ Noise Nomads, Tumblcat Poof Poofy Poof, Overture, Joshua Burkett, Liz Tonne, DB Russell, Satan's Answering Machine, Alicia Renadette, Holdy, Coco, No Sound, Mt. Emult, Cathe Janke, Byron Coley, Bromp Treb and many more

Track on Mystra Records LP/TAPE compilation and The Treasured Mind released on Baked Tapes

12/31/10: Port D'Or Brooklyn, NY with Dysgenix, Bad Dudes Rising, No Sound, High School Confidential, Gay Shapes, Aghori, others...

12/19/10: Mystra Records LP/TAPE release party w/ Sound of Pot, Dark Master, Tarp, Egg Eggs, Crystalline Roses, Danny Oxenberg+Betsy Nichols, Bunwinkies, Belltonesuicide, Bromp Treb, Matt Krefting

12/10/10: as Jazz Helmet w/ Jordan Piper Philips and Crespo/Eisenberg/Bisson/Vassylenko 4tet @ Feeding Tube Records

10/31/10: Dubious Liftings Festival @ Flywheel. Les Rallizes Denudes cover set w/ Exusamwa, Shea Mowat, AM Frank, Greg Kelley/Ryan Jewell/Chris Cooper/Vic Rawlings, Peace Loving, Moshimoshiiamthedecider

10/15/10: Meat Gum Northampton, MA w/ Bird Names, Soil and The Happy Jawbone Family Band

10/1/10: Feeding Tube Records as part of Wickemania w/ Red Favorite, Whyte Kastles, Antrho Rex, Female + Supernaturelle, Lady Jam, The Sound of No Pot, Bird Organ

9/28/10: Flywheel Easthampton, MA w/ Arrington De Dionyso & Malaikat Dan Singa and The Happy Jawbone Family Band

9/10/10: Feeding Tube Records Northampton, MA w/ Laura Warholic, One Way Mirror, Ben Kudler, Mr. Uterus

Tragic Ceremony released by Ozonokids

8/26/10: Meat Gum Northampton, MA w/ Fisher Cat and Marine Corpse

8/20/10: Weirdstalk Too @ The Temple Jamaica Plain, MA

8/11/10: Flywheel w/ J. Graf, Outerspace, Drainolith, Salamander Wool

8/3/10: John Doe Jr. Greenfield, MA w/ Vapor Attack, Jack Callahan/Ben Bennet

8/1/10: Nate's House North Adams, MA w/ Sunburned, Jack Callahan/Ben Bennett, Pine Smoke Lodge, Belltone Suicide, Cruudeuces, Isa Christ, Rambutan, Astral Plane Junkies.

7/12/10: Flywheel w/ Bee Mask, HPV, Noise Nomads, Dooley/Callahan/Crespo

6/18/10: Popeye's Garage w/ Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, We Used To Be Family, Nuerospora...

6/17/10: Gay Gardens, Allston, MA w/ Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, Dick Panthers...

6/16/10: Flywheel w/ Sunburned Hand of the Man, Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, BAAD Kinetics. Played as White Dread w/ Iron Gentleman and B-Dazzle

6/3/10: Flywheel w/ Twilight of the Century, Liz Tonne, Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase. Played as Son Of A Bitch w/ Cruudeuces (Nate Brennan)

5/2/10: The Rendezvous. Turners Falls, MA w/ Jonny Cohen and Dave Gross

5/1/10: 119 Gallery. Lowell, MA w/ Andrea Pensado, Josh Baker, 2Lous

Get Out of the House released by Blueberry Honey

4/21/10: Western Mass INC @ FLywheel w/ Clang Quartet, Laundry Room Squelchers, Noise Nomads, Belltone Suicide, Bromp Treb, Jordan Knecht, Tumble Cat Poof Poofy Poof, Jess Goddard, Dave Russell, Jack Callahan, No Sound, Anthro Rex, and more...

4/20/10: Grey Matter Books w/ Crazy Dreams Band and Matt Valentine / Mick Flower duo

4/19/10: Death By Audio w/ Fat Worm of Error, We Are The Seahorses, Zebu!, White Suns

4/17/10: The Litter Box. New Brunswick, NJ w/ We Are The Seahorses

4/16/10: Big Pink. Philadelphia, PA w/ Bobo and Zebu!

Al Qaeda / Cave Bears split released by Teen Action Records

3/4/10: Death By Audio w/ Nancy Garcia, Grasshopper, Sord, Zebu!

1/30/10: House Show Allston, MA w/Rotten Apples, Slasher Risk, Duck That, Nathan Whipple, Grasshopper, No Sound, Riddlin'. Don't believe the end!

1/29/10: The Bat Barn Great Barrington, MA w/ The Bunnybrains, Slasher Risk, Grasshopper, Cleint 9

1/12/10: Gret Matter Books Hadley, MA w/Isa Christ, Cruudeuces, Astral Plane Junkies, Jack Callahan, Gastric Lavage/No Sound

1/3/09: Pet Cemetary Baltimore, MD w/ Dazzlestorm

12/31/09: Port D'Or Brooklyn, NY w/ Tom Carter, Asa Christ, Kyle Clyde, Cruudeuces, Invisible Circle, Blissed Out, Many Manisons, Truman Peyote, C.E. Card

12/30/09: Montague Phantom Brain Exchange w/ Id M Theft Able, Shea Mowat, D.B. Russell, Andy Laties & Rebecca Migdal, Ben Hersey, AnthroREX, Bolivia Men, lecture by Matt Krefting, Bromp Treb Soundsystem

Crawl Space and a limited run of Solar Illness released by Feeding Tube Records and Serf Released

12/18/09: Gonzo Comix/Paper City Studios w/ The Urchestra

12/12-13/09:Dubious Liftings @ Grey Matter Books. two day festival with Visitations/Am Frank, Liz Tonne/Greg Kelley/Vic Rawlings, Tarp, Ambegris, The Body, Prince Rama of Ayodhya, Astral Plane Junkies, Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth, Corvallis Chehalis, Jack Callahan

12/3/09: Garage Show St. Augustine, FL. w/Reptile Theater & Lighthouse

12/2/09: Joint Art Space Sarasota, FL. w/Persephone and Misha's artwork

12/1/09: New College Sarasota, FL. Lecture/Presentation on medical simulation

11/30/09: Fire Ant Mound Charleston, SC. Outside of Charlie McAlister's shed

11/20/09: John Doe Jr. Greenfield, MA w/ White Limousine, Impatient Truck Plus Special Guest, Rotten Apples, Child Bride, Sord

11/15/09: John Doe Jr. Geenfield, MA w/ Slasher Risk, Grasshopper, Gastric Lavage

10/31/09: The Hope & Olive Greenfield, MA w/ Bunnybrains, Heavy Light....

10/24/09: Loft Show Boston, MA w/ Crank Sturgeon, Boston Lamb & Veal, Gang Clan Mafia

10/23/09: Feeding Tube Records w/ Crank Sturgeon, Noise Nomads, Cruudeuces

9/23/09: VG Mill. Holyoke, MA W/ Clan of the Cave Bear, Grey Skull, Gastric Lavage, True/Callahan

9/5/09: House Show. Easthampton, MA. w/ D.B. Russell & Tim Sheldon, the Universes, No Sound, Radioactive Prostitute, Servitor, Reverend Reach Around, Abortus Fever, Cellulara Peptoid

8/29/09: Wickermania. w/ Sunburned/Tarp, Prisma, MV+EE, Whyte Kastles, Baby Jesus Burnout, Bunwinkies, Zebu!, Lord Jeff, Two Tents

8/23/09: The Yurt. Alna, ME. w/ Caethua & Id M Theft Able

8/22/09: Frantasia Festival. Livermore Falls, ME. w/ Id M Theftable, If, Bwana, Katt Hernandez, Audrey Chen, Jed Speare, Martin Chartrand, Skinny Vinny, and scores of others

8/19/09: Strange Maine, Porland, ME. w/ Glade Swope, Twilight People

8/16/09: Weirdstock. Cambridge YMCA w/ Keith Fullerton Whitman, Animal Hospital, Sore Eros, Dreamhouse, Mudboy, White Limousine Impatient Truck + Special Guest, Julian Lynch, Kurt Weisman, Omnivore, Cursillistas, Truman Peyote, Geoff Mullen, Harry Merry, Concord Ballet Orchestra Players, Many Mansions, Ophibre, Robert Stillman, Ming Ming Dance Company, Devil Music, Guatemala City, Harmonizer (Greg Davis), Lord Jeff, Eat Cloud, Goat of Arms, Human Hairs, Skeletons Out, Peace, Loving, Quilt, Ricardo Donoso, Qfwfq, Radio Wonderland, Ppalmm, Tooth ache, Metal and Glass Ensemble, Duck That and Son of Salami

8/15/09: Dubious Liftings. Greenfield, MA w/ Bunny Brains, Big Kids, MV + EE, Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth, Crystalline Roses, Zebu!, Sord, White Crime, Bryan Phantom Fairlane, Danny Cruz

8/6/09: Holyoke, MA w/ Noise Nomads, Belltone Suicide, Two Tents, Ted Lee/Chris Dooley/Brett Richardson/Chris Blair

Chain of Skulls released by Seminal Issues

7/24/09: Feeding Tube Records. Easthampton, MA. w/ Duck That, We Love You, Tim Albo, No Sound

7/22/09: The Sweatshop. Providence, RI. w/ Diagram A, Neckhold, Shallow Waters. People really hated us. "you hear that?...nothing!" after one meathead thought our set had ended. it had not.

Live At The Whisky 1977 released by Scotch Tapes/Serf Released

6/19/09: Mystery Train Records. Amherst, MA. record release show w/ Id M Theft Able and Bromp Treb

6/13/09: Tork Clock. Greenfield, MA w/ Crank Sturgeon, PCRV, Matjaz Galicic

Id M Theft Able / Cave Bears split released by Feeding Tube Records

5/31/09: 119 Gallery. Lowell, MA. w/ Deflag Haemorrhage // Haien Kontra, Id M Theft Able / Stephanie Lak duo

5/27/09: Montague Phantom Brain Exchange. C. Bren video work w/ Chris Corsano, Exusamwa....

5/10/09: Whittemore House Marlboro, VT w/ Horse Boys, No Sound, Vapourizor, Pre-School

5/7/09: Upper Valley Events Center, Norwich VT w/ the Son of Salami, Horse Boys, Caring Babies

4/4/09: The Bear Cave, Turners Falls. Caethua, Quincy Quartz, Phased Out, White Crime, Lyttle Tykes

3/17/09: Shiproom of the Hotel Vernon, Worcester bad show w/ loud tapes and mixers

3/14/09: House Show in Lowell w/ Skinny Vinny

3/13/09: Door Haus, Williamsburg, w/ Grey Skull, Slasher Risk, Gastric Lavage, Jow Jow, Grasshopper, Sam Gas Can, Sord, Zebu!

2/14/09: Dubious Liftings Northamton, MA. w/ Crank Sturgeon, Mudboy, Flaming Dragons, Skinny Vinny, Ambergris, D'Ag Attack, Open Star Clusters

1/31/09: The Bear Cave Turners Falls, MA. w/ Lateral Obliques (Bromp Treb + Sam Gas Can), Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth, Bryan Phantom Fairlane

1/10/09: Purple House Northampton, MA. w/ Noise Nomads, Angst Hase/Kwitters/Poofy Poof, Bonos, No Sound, Satisfaction Factory. "Famous Sandwiches" show

Horribble & Useless released by Yod Tapes

12/12/08: Purple House Northampton, MA. w/ Id M. Theft Able, Shea Mowat, PAK, Horse Boys, No Sound, Big French, Ryan Fox

11/22/08: Strange Maine Portland, ME. Id M. Theft Able, Cave Bears, Prisma, The Magic Lantern Show & Strange Lights and Puppets

11/16/08: The Tinderbox Brattleboro, VT. Fat Worm of Error, Little Women, Cave Bears ("Pizza Face")

11/1/08: Third Annual Dubious Liftings Festival Turners Falls, MA. These acts played in this order: Cave Bears, Servitor, Grey Skull, Heat Wilson, Schurt Kwitters, Dark Inside the Sun, Nam Buddies, Mystic Out-Bop Review, Jow Jow the Death Knell Rung, Moscow Mule/Cave Bears, Bromp Treb, QFWFQ duo, Loren Hamlan.

10/31/08: The Whitehaus Jamaica Plain, Ma. w/ Eric Hnatow, Many Mansions, Prince Rama, White Hinterland among others

10/30/08: The Flux Factory Long Island City, NY. The End of the End of the End. This was a huge happening all happening at once in many rooms of a gian warehouse space. We played in a room with Ducktails, No Sound, Heat Wilson and Greg & Ted's Satisfaction Factory

10/25/08: The Brass Works Haydenville, MA. Lazy Magnet, Bromp Treb, Noise Nomads, Cave Bears, Animental, Pretzel Logic, Pro Bro Gold, Sharkey Katz, Walnut

10/18/08: House Show in Williamsburg, MA. Moscow Mule, Cave Bears, Gastric Lavage, Them Elk, Zebu!, etc...

10/15/08: THE BEAR CAVE Turners Falls, MA. Nackt Insecten, Usurper, Cave Bears. fresh sounds from scotland

10/10/08: Pat Rivets with Loren Hamlan at Umass Amherst, also Heaven People, Brava Spectre & Prince Rama

Assburgers Serf Released

9/24/08: Montague Phantom Brain Exchange: not a Cave Bears show, but Pat Rivets played with the Evolutionary Jass Band, which was awesome!

9/15/08: The Elevens Northampton, MA: Barn Owl, Melissa St. Pierre, Cave Bears.

9/12/08: House Show Easthampton, MA: Chris Cooper, Noise Nomads, Cousin Id, Belltone Suicide, Cave Bears, Servitor, Ryan Wynns

9/5/08: House show in South Amherst, MA. (545) DEAD DOGS '91. No Sound played but with many technical difficulties, many others did the same, with less...

8/27/08: Montague Phantom Brain Exchange 8: Crank Sturgeon, Cave Bears, Tarp, lecture by Chris Weisman on "Nonmusical Patterns and Their Musical Use", Black Sand DJ

8/24/08: Strange Maine, Portland, ME: Id M. Theftable, CaVE BeARS, Johan Tore Nystom (solo and duo with Id), Chris Carmody. We did the old cop-donut-porn routine.

8/23/08: Frantasia Music Festival, Livermore Falls, ME. Lineup for the whole three days: Gregg Murphy, To be Named Later by a Non Human, Snow Monks, Lewis Gesner, Audrey Chen, Birdorgan, Cave Bears,Katt Hernandez, Qfwfq Duo, id m theftable, Patrick Walsh, Ed Snyder, Calliope, T. Lion Dance Company, Sarah Kennedy, Evokiai, Mystic Out Bop Review, Johan Tore Nystrom, Greg Boardman, Vic Rawlings, Hooper Piccalero, Killick, Chris Cathode, Les Trois Etoiles, Visitations, Christopher Carmody.

8/20/08: Mars Gas, Olneyville, Providence, RI: CaVE BEaRS, SHV, Sam Gas Can, No Sound v.s. Satisfaction Factory

8/19/08: Death By Audio, Williamsburg, Brooklynn. Zebu!, Cave Bears, Sisters, Fertile Crescent, Ambergris. We got the place really muddy.

8/10/08: The Elevens, Northampton, MA

8/2/08: Wickermania Festival, Goshen, MA. Visitations, Big Blood, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Gastric Lavage, MV + EE and the Golden Road, Noise Nomads, Cave Bears, Jow Jow the Death Knell Rung, Red Favorite, The White Castles, Two Tents & others...

7/26/08: Dubious Liftings II: Leverett, MA: Moscow Mule, Gastric Lavage, D.B. Russell, Milky Death, Sam Gas Can, Belltonesuicide, The No Sound, Smiles Bitch, Bryan Gillig and the Golden Annies, Greg & Ted's Satisfaction Factory, Dingy Crumbs, Grex, Iron Getleman, Brian McColough, Cave Bears, Hotel California.

7/19/08: Cory's Barn Gill, MA: w/ FLAMING DRAGON OF MIDDLE EARTH and Fashion People. Danny Cruz is a golden god! this is how we joined FDOME

7/18/08: Distant Castle Worcester, MA. With Sam Gas Can and Wet Hair. Show in large mansion structure. Love HBML

7/4/08: Shot off fire works and played guitar to the radio, but it was at a show.

6/28/08: Honey Pot. Zebu! played twice (joy), Great DJ Porter & Piper set. So too was Crystaline Roses. Cave Bears again played a long while, ending with loooong drone jam out of Dad in Paradise that eventually got the power shut of on us. FUCK YOU!

6/27/08: Cave Bears, Bryan Gillig and the Golden Annies, Dingy Crumbs. Western Mass come to the Tinderbox -- Brattleboro, VT. Cave Bears played a marathon version of "Forming" by the Germs in their new!!! bass, drums, guitar lineup.

6/23/08: The Dooryard Portland, ME Computer at Sea, Cave Bears, Zebu!, Sam Gas Can, Snake Guts. Cops came during first band and all bands played their "quiet set". Good times!

6/22/08: Shack Windham, ME Id M. Theft Able, Cave Bears, Shea Mowat. Mang Secret Show No.9, CVEBERS Secret Show no. 4. We played in a frightening shed in the woods, Skot played an amazing synchronized piece with two helpers involving the scrotum. Shea Mowat facilitated his matchbook piece.

6/14/08: House show in Amherst. Secret Show #3. Four kids got arrested due to Amherst Noise laws: no Noise music! Bummer. But we learned some new songs.

6/7/08: The Honey Pot, Hadley MA. Secret Show no. 2. The "best" show so far. Campfire stories, Germs covers and it was raining.

Cannonball Hollow-Cast released as part of a double c96 box with No Sound by Feeding Tube Records

5/26/08: Trailer Park on the Connecticut River. Hadley, MA. The Pickles, CaVE BEANS, Zebu!, others. Massive fun/total surprise! First show with our electric wash-boardist.

5/10/08: Dubious Liftings Festival. Leverett, MA. Id M. Theftable, Tumble Cat Poof Poofy Poof, Barn Owl, CaVE BEaRS, Ducktails, No Sound, ZEBU! & The Glorious Nightmare, Bonos, Mind Control Dudes, Slush Rakes, Dingy Crumbs, Satisfaction Factory, Extreme Beer Trio.

5/3/08: House Show in Wilbraham, MA. w/ WesternMassHardcore4Lifexxx(413)til'Death (Extreme Beer Trio) Played for about three hours total. Fun times by the "lake".

4/26/08: CaVE BEaRS played a 9-11 tribute set during the Hampshire College Spring Jam festivities as Dead Prez's roadies took the stage down.
One kid: "Leave us the fuck alone!"

Geen Teets Serf Released

3/28/08: MassArt, Boston. Played cardboard instruments. Dog shits on the floor.

3/26/08: The Harp Amherst. Guaranteed only appearance at this local hot spot w/ CB string duo!

3/21/08: House Show @ the Bear Cave in Leverett MA. With Dead and Skunks, Mind Control & The No Sound. Very Loooong.

3/1/08: The Tinderbox, Brattleboro Vt. Zairz//Ski Mask, Belltone Suicide, Mind Control. "Cat Picture Part Two".

Burning Tri-Pyramid Prism Serf Released

2/25/08: House Show Amherst, MA. Justice Yeldham, Buddies (Bill Nace + Chris Cooper), Zebu!, Id M Theftable, Cave Bears. "Cat Picture Part One"

Sogns Serf Released {deleted}

1/14/08: The Elevens. There is no Art in Cave Bears. Garage Night.

12/22/07: House Show. Hazet/Cave Bears. Vile.

12/15/07: Mercy House Flywheel Benefit. Fat Worm of Error, Bunnies, Cave Bears, Zebu!, Doe Pog

12/8/07:Mystery Train Records. Amherst Acoustic "Dixie".

Just Dads Serf Released

11/8/07: Florence, MA VFW: Shallants, Zebu!, Cave Bears, Thrill Pillow, Delicious Dinner.

11/4/07: Marlboro College Halloween: Pariah Beat, Bunnies, ??? Dropped L.

10/5/07: Marlboro College. We Are The Seahorses, Cave Bears, Id M. Theftable, Dinosaur Bones, Real Life Time Machines, Zebu, The AnArkestra "Jump to Your Bed"

7/7/07: Goodbye Blue Monday, Brooklyn, New York. Post Boa-drum.

6/3/07: Cake Shop NYC. Soiled Mattress & The Springs, Casper Electronics, Cave Bears, Films by Martha Colburn. Featuring Smiles "Holy, Holy, Holy".

Jazz Hands Serf Released

7/06: Common Ground, New Orleans. Poisoned Black Mold Acoustic. JUST DADS

3/18/06: Flywheel, Easthaphantom, MA. Cave Bears, Laudable Puss, Josh Burkett. We put a hole in the wall.

3/16/06: Tavern. Sir Richard Bishop, Jackie-O-Muthufutherfucker, Grey Skull, CaVE BEaRS, Eloe Omoe. some sort of confusion

Live CDr Serf Released {deleted}

1/6/06: The Tavern Amherst, MA feat. no drums set. Some sort of awful.

11/4/05: Red Barn Amherst, MA. Debut Psycho Mash, featuring a drums set Some sort of circus.

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